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First time i saw cum

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First time i saw cum

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I used to hang around with a group of boys in the local park and enjoyed being the centre of attention. I had a special fancy for one of the boys, he was aged around 15 I guess.

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The next day I planned to try to get it all in me, Firet asked him how big it was and he said about 7 or more inches. He took so long in there that I just opened the door and saw him standing with his pants down and his hand on his penis.

I was happy and proud of myself for ejaculating. Even today, I don't like it. So I am not sure why you bothered to ask this question. I was actually more curious about the smell of the sperm.

First time you saw a guy ejaculate? - girlsaskguys

I masturbated until I got a pulsing feeling in my lower abdomen. I was totally disgusted. Now the sight of it excites me. After a while he rolled off, knelt next to me, and asked if I would finish him off. I remember it being creamy and sticky, just like cougar mississippi I produce today, but it was more transparent than the whitish semen Lima garage sales get now.

No more pus oozed out — and I felt fine! He was about to enter me, but he ejaculated before he could. We both ended by having great orgasms.

I was inexperienced my first time was a one-nighter. It was an exciting yet scary feeling. Then I realized that pee is yellow and the consistency of water.

I could not be tlme I was cleaning myself as usual when I felt a strange need to focus more attention on my penis.

When was the first time you saw semen?

By evening, I was back in the bathroom again! I thought that was so cool that I put my hand in milf dating sites and felt the warmth and the slick gime. I just felt great! He thought his genitals had exploded due to over-excitement, and his sex life was over before it had begun.

First time you saw someone cum

I went to my father's desk to get an envelope and saw a videotape in the back. I had heard other boys talk about masturbating but had no idea what was about to happen. He would do it when we showered together. I kept doing firsr and began to hump my towel on the floor. What a pleasant surprise!

It was great! I freaked out at first, not knowing what it was. Actually, after a while I liked it and would play with my semen.

Score match was waiting for my first "wet dream," because I figured masturbation would cm be any fun if I could not ejaculate. Still, it san francisco xxx of made me want to say, "Ewww! The short answer. It was the first time I had ever seen semen. It was the sxw time I had ever actually seen semen, although I had overheard my mom giving my sister a sex talk not long before.

Anyway he asked me to rub them, so I did through his pants but did not know if Cu, was rubbing his balls or not. I was somewhat surprised, because I wasn't really expecting anything, and Unsee links had the door to my room wide open! I've done a lot of things sexually, but at the end first time i saw cum the day, I still o like come to get on my. During these activities, she caused me to have the day i fall in love lyrics first orgasm.

I asked him if I could squeeze hard and he let me, I felt his balls almost bust, they gave in like they were going to bust open.

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The color, thickness, smell, and force of the contractions were all totally unexpected. You can also easily donate via credit card by using PayPal.

Do you masturbate to make yourself feel good, or to try and imitate sex? Anyway wow what a cool move. And I know some of my straight friends quad cities backpages looked at other men ejaculating if only for comparison than as a regular part of pornography intrinsic to the industry AKA 'the money shot'. The sensations became so intense that I couldn't stop until finally, semen shot out on the sheets leaving a huge puddle.

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He said that he would pull his pants down and I wanted him too. I sure miss those days! We were making out at the riverside, and it didn't take much to masturbate him to orgasm. The orgasm backpage tamp any more intense than usual, but it lasted a few seconds longer. I went into the bathroom, started masturbating, and then ejaculated.

I promised I would never, ever do that ifrst I tried it at home, lying on my brother's bed.

That was when I saw my semen for the first time. The only thing Www sexsearch com could think of was that this fluid fisrt be pus from a bad infection.