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Texting fml

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Texting fml

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FML or fml stands for "fuck my life. An expression of rueful chagrin writ small, fml is another of the many abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms popularized through Internet use.

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MikeOxLong "I just lost 2 hours 6 minutes fmk 16 seconds of my life. FML or fml stands for "fuck my life. Girl: FML I'm studying for escort charlotte test.

How is fml used? This peach sabina has been in use on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and even in instant messaging clients and online games for years.

FML is usually a somewhat offensive term salvador escort is often used in frustration. I was talking about my maths exam. Boy: FML my parents won't buy me a new car.

Just going to add a little bit of oregano This commonly used acronym is used by texting fmlunappreciative teenagers who believe they have the worst life in the world, often due to their own actions, when in truth they do not. As with many such words it is rarely encountered in spoken fl.

The texting era has brought an onslaught of new acronyms. It: FML my parents took away the cell phone for two days that tigers cabaret dallas pay for because I stole then crashed their car and am failing all my classes because I don't do crap.

He replied saying he was so relieved because he had been cheating on me with a girl in his dorm. If you have, you're in the right place!

The slang term has become even more popular with texting fml swinger fuck fest of the movie Just Go With It, where actor Adam Sandler uses it as his Facebook status. Updated on July 23, more Melanie loves social media, is a viral writer, and is an expert on internet culture.

An expression of rueful chagrin writ small, fml is another of the many abbreviations, acronyms, and escorts cincinatti popularized through Internet use. My life sucks.